John Michael Biddulph

‹CreativeFrontendDeveloper /›

I'm John,
I've got new trainers, sunglasses, a shopping bag...
and I wear a hat!
Projects I've built or worked on:
  • ‹Melvyn Biddulph Art /›

    My dad was an artist, a good one but not that well known until his later years when he finaly started to exhibit.

  • ‹Pin Spots /›

    Why?: Just a new idea, it's possibly helpful and useful and because I am always learning and enjoy coding.

  • ‹LookWhatFound.Me /›

    Why?: This is about version 6 now, it was originally MyPubSpace, PubMic, PubHub, SplendidSussex, BN-Here. It's evolved from PHP, Laravel/Vue, Python/Nuxt, Nuxt/Supabase/Prisma